Forthcoming Speaking Engagements

I’ll be speaking at a number of conferences in June. It would be great to catch-up with you if you’re there.

Testing Your Emotions

Thursday 5th June – Nordic Testing Days – Tallinn, Estonia

In this talk I intend to explore the situations that projects teams typically encounter and how these impact the emotions that everyone in the team faces. I will explore typical dimensional models of emotion such as those proposed by Robert Plutchik and Hugo Lövheim and use these, and others, to help explain how we can better understand the emotions that we face, and the emotions that we raise in others.

More details here.

Best practices in managing QA testing for the multi-device nightmare

Wednesday 18th June – Enterprise Apps World – London

  • How many devices do you need to test from?
  • How effective is the emulator as a substitute or support to testing on actual devices?
  • How do you balance the functional, compatibility and performance testing requirements across devices?
  • Determining the severity of bugs– How to go about analysing the number of devices affected, the device configurations and ultimately the user base affected.
  • Consideration of issue resolution strategies post launch.

More details here. 

Testing As An Activity

Next Generation Testing Conference – Thursday 26th June – London

Recently I’ve started to come to the belief that we can solve a lot of our problems if we just start to think differently about testing. Instead of thinking about software testing only as a distinct discipline, we should to start to think about it as an activity. After all, testing is just that, an activity. It’s something we do. Something we’d love others to do more. James Bach likes to define software testing as a performance, and what is a performance without some activity to perform?

In this presentation I will explain why we should start to think of testing as an activity, what the benefits are that this could bring, and discuss how teams can work in a more efficient and cross-functional way as a result.

More details here.

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