Today I don’t feel inspired. Something’s just not sparking the creativity. But it has got me thinking; more specifically about inspiration and that spark when software testing.

When someone is testing and they are inspired you can see that. If it’s you then you can feel it; somehow things go quicker, those small problems remain small, and your day goes quick. If you manage testers then you can see it in their eyes, the way they move around (does this sound a little like spying? I hope not), the way they talk.

But how can it be that the thing that inspires us one day doesn’t inspire us everyday? What’s changed? Maybe it’s that 400 page test spec to run through, maybe it’s that software that just won’t even boot, maybe it’s the defect that got returned or ignored again, even though you know it’s important. But as someone once said “the bad things are what make the best things better”; so for all the mundane and boring, there is also the excitement of that new bug, that near darn perfect test cases, and that feeling of pride when a product ships. Take the rough with the smooth some days.

Hmmm – maybe inspiration is coming again……

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